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rheumatoidmri image of rheumatoid arthritis nodules on lungsrheumatoid The BoCats are a remarkably talented musical trio hailing from Jacksonville, Florida.  Rick Grant, editor-in-chief and music critic of the Southeast Entertainer magazine, described the act as "a taut musical machine.... This group cooks with a bodacious classy sound."  When playing covers, they have a chameleon like ability to cross genre lines and make it look easy.  So it's not surprising that their original material confidently ventures into widely diverse styles.  But The BoCats' sound is pure classic Americana rock with obvious flavorings of R&B and country.

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The BoCats
have successfully performed at venues which usually only feature larger acts.  After a attending one of their performances at Cypress Gardens, Florida, a local nightclub manager remarked, "This is either the biggest 3-piece band I've ever heard, or the smallest 5-piece band I've ever

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All three band members are accomplished, well-seasoned musician/singer/songwriters whose performances reflect a wealth of experience from virtually every phase of the music business.  The band members are:rheumatoidrheumatoid

Bob McDowell - guitars and lead & harmony vocals
Sondra Lacy - keyboards, keyboard (left-hand) bass and lead & harmony vocals
rheumatoidmri image of rheumatoid arthritis nodules on lungsrheumatoid

Gil Linares
- drums and lead & harmony vocals

Big room at The Hideaway





Although each band member has his or her personal favorites (see the Musician Bios page) they all were greatly influenced by artists like The Beatles, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Utopia, and Los Lobos. 



Over the years, the band has played in nightclubs, on concerts stages, at roadhouses, country clubs, house parties, on cruise ships, been part of a traveling variety show, made radio & television appearances and done studio session work.  More recently, the band is very happy to report that they are devoting a lot more of their time to writing and recording.

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